A guide to re-chrome plastic car parts

Chrometech at Castle Hill, the people doing the re-chroming of some parts for a “41 60 coupe.Our customer previously used Chrometech, for electroplating the very badly pitted headlight trim strips and wiper towers on his ’39 and they still look great some 5 years later.Not a mark, blemish or pit on the pieces.

Suffice to say Chrometech can re-chrome just about anything. There are somethings we don’t chrome-plate , pieces that are in too poor condition even for Walter’s magic skills.

Our process is very labour intensive. Depending on condition we have to soak the dashes or other parts in solvent to remove the grease.It may need a highfill. After highfill we need to sand back again. Then dashes need to be taped up in the rear and electrodes are inserted. Now it goes into the spray room and a conductive paint is applied. Tape will need to be removed, electrodes are connected for subsequent electroplating.After an 8 hour electroplating process in the copper, the dash gets rinsed and then nickel plated for an hour. Now it gets rinsed and then chrome-plated. We only leave parts in the chrome tank for 5 minutes, rinse and dry. The wires are cut off and the job is ready.

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