Re-chroming spa nozzles and shower taps

We have a lot of customers frantically looking to re-chrome either spa nozzles or taps. As you know we not only bronze baby shoes but bronze, chrome-plate, nickel -plate any materials such as plastic, fibreglass, wax, wool, and anything that is NOT METAL.

Below is an e-mail from a customer: Hi I have searched Australia for replacement cover plates and nozzles for our spa jets and they don’t make them anymore and no one has any chrome look ones. They are plastic but look like they have been coated in a gold (look?) finish. I can send some photos to see if you are able to re-chrome these. We want to sell the house and are desperate to have these match all the other fittings in the bathroom. I have 12 of these 40mm cover plates and 12 x 10mm nozzles that fit inside the cover plates. If you could re-chrome these, how much roughly do you think they will cost.