Article about Chrometech on the November Perspective Magazine

If you read the magazine perspective, you could see in the last November issue an article about “The Wolverine” movie, specifically the Silver Samurai. A paragraph was devoted to ChromeTech for its work on the silver Samurai.

On this article, you can see a “Before electroplating” and “After electroplating” of our work (just have a look on the picture below).

If you want to read the complete article, clic here.

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Silver Samurai

The Silver Samurai chrome plated by Chrometech for the movie “The Wolverine”


Seraphim Custom

A stunning motorbike.

The Swedish designer Mikael Lugnegard has designed the “Seraphim” – a solid gold motorcycle.


Although the entire motorcycle is not covered in solid gold, the placement of gold and its hand-made Western saddles give it a luxury and vintage looks.

With its elegant body, the “Seraphim” allows the driver to embrace the vibrations of the engine while reaching maximum speeds.

A good gift for rich boys