Chrome-plate your dash, grill, door handles, mirrors

Chrome always impresses with its smooth finish. But look how fantastic it is with its mirrored finish. Chrome-plate your dash, grill, door handles, mirrors and it will transform the car into a spectacular show piece. Thank you ChrometechBMW

Rusted tractor bezel before electroplating

  Hi Walter, Thanks again for the excellent work in restoring the headlamp bezels for a recent tractor restoration. Thank you Chrometech! I really do appreciate the fine finish that your company achieved on these bezels. I have attached some pics of the completed tractor for you to peruse. I have had nothing but very positive feedback on the tractor restoration. Some people comment on the fine finish of the bezels and say, "are they are brand new"? When I show them the pictures of the original bezels, they look at me in disbelief!  Such a fine job! I will pass your company's name onto fellow restorers, as I'm sure they will be impressed with the quality of your workmanship. Thank you

Evan Espin
Access Tractor Parts. / Sunshine Coast. QLD.

Testimonial 1

Chrometech is doing wonderful job and make a customer happy